Karaoke is Dead? Misconceptions about Karaoke

Talking about karaoke, what is the first idea and thought that comes up in your mind? Well for me, I think of happiness, and I really mean it. What can be more blissful than enjoying music and having fun together with your family and best friends? Singing karaoke can easily contribute to some of the greatest moments in life. Whether you’re showing off your vocals at a karaoke bar or battling to be the next singer in the karaoke box with friends, everyone is sharing the same joyful mood. Karaoke is like an ice-breaker, after a while of warm-ups, everybody would let their guard down and put down their serious mask. We will laugh together and nobody within the walls feels like a stranger anymore. The truth is Singing together has a magical way of making people feel connected, which also explains why the karaoke industry has been so successful over the past 30 years.

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